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Soap Molds – Plain and Fancy

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Soap molds can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you want to just produce hardworking, plain bars for everyday use. But then at other times, you’ll want to go all out and create some beautiful, fancy bars either as gifts or to sell.

A soap mold can be as simple as a cardboard shoe box. You’ll need to carefully line it with plastic wrap before you pour in your new soap mixture.

You can use just about any kind of plastic container. Drawer organizers that you can find at discount shops work well. They come in many different sizes.

For tiny guest soaps, consider using an ice cube tray. I’ve found them in the past that are shaped like hearts, dolphins and other interesting critters.

These types of improvised soap molds work well and can give you a chance to experiment with soap making without having to spend a lot of money.You can also look in craft stores for candle molds. Just be sure the mold is plastic and wider at the top than at the bottom.

Many soapmakers have wooden boxes made into just the size they want. After the soap has set, they can cut it into predetermined and uniform sized bars.

Pre-made shaped molds for soap come in many different sizes, shapes and designs. They are especially popular with the melt and pour soaps. Layering different colors in the mold makes for especially beautiful bars.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your soap molds. Sometimes an accidental find can become a favorite and unique choice.

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