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pH Levels for Nourishing Soap

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pH levels are important to homemade soap because if you get them wrong, you wind up with something that can be harmful instead of nourishing to your skin.

pH levels range from 1 – 14. The lowest levels are acid or acidic and the highest levels are alkaline or sometimes called ‘base’. A 7 is considered neutral and that’s what water tests at.

Human skin has an acid mantel on it that protects us from bacteria. But if soap is too acidic, it can burn and irritate skin. On the other hand, if the pH level is too high, the soap will leave our skin susceptible to bacteria.

What is a Good pH Level for Soap?

Aim to make your soap in the 6 – 9 range. The higher number will make the soap dissolve dirt and grime better and is useful for times when you have to wash really, really dirty hands.

You can test the pH of any soap with litmus paper pH test strips.

If you’re making your own soap, this is really important because you want your finished product to pamper your skin. If you buy your handmade soap, ask the person who made it what the pH level is. If they don’t know or give you a blank look, pass on their product and look for another more educated soapmaker!

You can buy the pH test strips in packages of 100. They aren’t expensive and are a necessary part of your inventory.

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