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Making Your Own Soap Is So Rewarding

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There’s something about bathing with a bar of natural handmade soap you created yourself. It’s an intangible feeling of accomplishment and connecting to an old skill practiced by our ancestors. After all, soap making is still basically the same as it was long ago.

When you wash with soap you created, you know exactly what’s in it, good wholesome ingredients. You also know what’s not in it, too. There’s no hidden dyes, no hidden chemicals. It’s only the things you thoughtfully added and lovingly mixed together.

There are many different kinds of soap you can make. Very mild ones full of extra emollients are great for your face. Simple, unscented bars are good for sensitive skin and for babies.

For times when your hands are extra dirty, you can make varieties with exfoliating extras in them. Good choices for this are:

Almond meal – also good for oily skin
Apricot seeds – ground up finely, also rich in vitamins and softening oils
Coffee – excellent exfoliator and also anti-aging properties
Corn meal – exfoliator and good for oily skin
Loofa – puts your scrubber right there in your soap
Pumice – grind very fine, can be abrasive
Walnut shells – grind fine for exfoliating
Another use for your homemade soap is to wash your hair. Just rub your bar over your head and work it up into a lather just like regular shampoo. Rinse well. Then I’ve always liked to have an apple cider vinegar rinse ready – a dash of it in a cup of water works great. It’s an all natural cleansing process.

You can actually create a super-fatted soap that will make you feel like your bathing with lotion at an expensive spa treatment. Some extra cocoa or shea butter will make your soap super moisturizing. Add in your favorite scent and the benefits of aromatherapy will envelope you in a cloud of relaxation.

And don’t forget – you CAN make your own homemade pet shampoo that helps to repel fleas, makes your dog shiny and smell great. No more worries about itchy, flaky skin from all the chemicals in commercial dog shampoos.

There’s a natural handmade soap for everyone that will cleanse, soften and moisturize along with smelling so delicious. Nurture your soul with feelings of well-being and contentment. Your family and friends will thank you, too!

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