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Make Your Own Lye From Wood Ashes

September 24th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is a project that definitely is for the die hard do-it-yourself-ers who are determined to make their own natural handmade soap as naturally as possible!

I’ve never made my own lye but I do know a couple of gals in North Carolina who do. I live in a warm climate where I don’t do too much wood burning (like none), so I’d be hard pressed to actually have a source of ashes. It’s a bit of an art and lots of extra work, but if you think that’s the way you want to get your lye then nothing else will do. You will wind up with a nice mild soap and the satisfaction of connecting with our distant roots.

One of the stumbling blocks when you make your own lye is not being sure of the actual strength of it because there are so many variables. But if you’re determined, I found a good article that explains how to do it. I figured it would be better for you to read the directions from someone who actually has experience. I’m giving no guarantees that it’s going to work for you…

So having said that, here’s the article to make your own lye.

Our ancestors managed to do this – so you probably can, too. Have fun and good luck!

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