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List of Common Essential Oils

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Essential oils are created by extracting the oil of plants. They have therapeutic qualities and a beautiful long-lasting fragrance. When making soap, don’t confuse them with the cheaper versions called ‘fragrance oils’ or ‘perfume oils’. Here’s a good article describing what to look for in essential oils.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and are very useful in creating natural handmade soaps. Remember that true essential oils are very potent and need to be handled with care. Store them in glass bottles in a dark, cool place.

Anise – sweet, licorice type smell. Used as a mood lifter
Basil – helps as a skin toner and to control acne
Bergamot – calming, earthy scent with antiseptic qualities. Mixes well with other scents.
Cardamom – spicy scent in the ginger family
Carrot seed – anti-aging
Cedarwood – astringent properties that make it good for oily skin
Cinnamon – sweet, spicy scent we’re all familiar with. Has some anti-oxidant properties.
Citronella – lemony smell used to repel mosquitoes
Clove – strong, spicy smell with antiseptic qualities
Coriander – mixes well with other spicy scents and is rejuvenating
Eucalyptus – good for clearing nasal passages, anti-fungal, insect repellant
Fennel – lifts your mood
Frankincense – nice woodsy scent. Good toner for aging skin
Geranium – light floral scent
Grapefruit – uplifting citrusy scent, helps with dull skin
Jasmine – floral scent that’s good for all skin types
Juniper berries – helps with eczema and acne
Lavender – very calming scent used a lot for babies. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
Lemon – perennial favorite citrus scent. Antiseptic and uplifting
Lime – another citrus scent with sweet undertones. Mixes well with others
Marjoram – helps with sleeping
Myrrh – musky scent. Helps with aging skin.
Orange – bright, cheerful citrus scent, anti-depressant
Patchouli – sensual fragrance with many good qualities for all skin types
Pennyroyal – goes well with sage, rosemary and eucalyptus
Peppermint – very invigorating smell we all love
Pine – woodsy and antiseptic
Rose – floral scent that helps with relaxing
Rosemary – herbal scent that’s used as an astrigent
Sage – common sage has a spicy scent. Not for use by pregnant women
Sandalwood – nice spicy scent. Mature trees are becoming scarce and some eco-conscious soapmakers don’t use it anymore.
Spearmint – milder than peppermint but still uplifting
Tea Tree – medicinal and anti-fungal qualities. Helps soothe irritated skin
Vanilla – warm, rich scent that enhances and blends well with others
Ylang ylang – exotic floral scent that’s fresh and delicate. Helps with depression and anxiety

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