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Jojoba Oil Is Very Unique

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First of all – what the heck is a jojoba?

According to Wikipedia, it’s pronounced pronounced “ho-HO’-ba”, and is a shrub native to the Sonoran and Mojave deserts of Arizona, California, and Mexico. Ok, so that part is out of the way, but what is it that makes jojoba oil so unique?

The oil is actually a liquid wax found in the seeds. Chemically, it’s a very long straight-chain wax ester. If you’re not a chemical engineer, the only thing you need to know is that jojoba oil is more like human sebum and whale oil than to a vegetable oil. That makes it somewhat unique as it’s a plant substance that’s similar to a substance produced by mammals (namely – people).

Because of this, it’s a very popular ingredient in cosmetics. You can also include it in your next batch of natural handmade soap. Don’t worry about it being some kind of endangered plant. Large jojoba plantations have been started in semi-desert areas all over the world.

Jojoba is good for oily skin because of the way it mimics natural human sebum. Theoretically, when you use it, your skin ‘thinks’ it’s produced enough oil on it’s own, so it stops producing so much. It is a good moisturizer that lasts all day.

It’s pricier than most of the specialty oils you an add when making soap. Start off small and see how you like. For the purest type, look for the organic jojoba oils. You can find them online or at some health food stores.

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