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A Good Soap For Soothing Away Aches

September 24th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes you over-do an exercise routine or working in your garden. Whatever you did sure made you achy. You can make a soap designed especially crafted to help ease away those pains with the addition of a couple simple ingredients.

Use this magical blend of an old favorite – wintergreen – and one of the new oils that’s been discovered – emu oil. When you use this combination in your soap, let the lather stay on your skin a bit longer than usual so the pain relieving properties can work their magic to soothe away your aches.

How does it work?

Wintergreen has a compound in it that is very similar on the molecular level to the pain relieving compounds in aspirin. It gives you the same effect although somewhat milder. This essential oil is helpful with soothing muscle aches and arthritis.

Emu oil has hit the scientific world with a bang. Researchers have been testing the effectiveness of its anti-inflammatory properties on skin, especially in the treatment of burns. This also makes it effective in reducing scarring. Emu oil has also been shown to help with sports injuries. Adding a couple of ounces of it to your batch of soap imparts just one more healing quality to refresh your tired joints and muscles.

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